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june 21-23, 2024

46K • 23K • 18k • 11K • VK • iron face






We value our volunteers so much and realize that we couldn’t put on these races without you! Volunteering is a great way to give back to the running community and it also gives you the opportunity to see some of the best in the sport give it their all.

  • We feel very strongly about honoring your time as a volunteer. As such, volunteers will receive awesome branded race gear, a $20 discount (one-time discount) on next year's race and we promise to keep all volunteers fed during their shift with delicious food. Even better, we'll give all volunteers access to early registration for the subsequent year!

  • We also give each aid station captain five free entries (excluding Triple Crown/Iron Crown/Iron Face) to use at their digression. If you're really gunning for an entry, make sure to show up for the full volunteer send and you could be rewarded with a free entry. 

  • We can't put on a top shelf event without our awesome trail running community and we hope you can join the team. It's always a great honor to work side by side with our volunteers each race weekend in putting on an independently owned and operated event. Broken Arrow now has an outsized reputation but we are in actuality a very small team that works extremely hard to put on one of the largest trail and ultra events in North America.




At the Broken Arrow Skyrace, we always say that, whether you finish first or last, YOU are a rockstar! We take this ethos very seriously and go to great lengths to celebrate the accomplishments of every participant.


At the same time, we also celebrate the competitive aspect of our sport. We want to make sure that the Broken Arrow Skyrace remains – and continues to grow as – one of the most competitive trail and ultra events in North America. This year's prize purse of $65,000+ is expected to draw our deepest international field yet. 


We are once again part of the 2024 World Mountain Running Association World Cup, as well as a domestic race in the Golden Trail Series, powered by Salomon. 


Each year, we invite established elites as well as a host of up-and-comers who are on the verge of bursting onto the mountain/ultra/trail scene. While we have always offered complimentary race entries to a percentage of qualifying runners, we have found that that lodging can be prohibitively expensive for others, especially in Lake Tahoe. We want to make sure that this is NOT an impediment to participation since many of the elites in our sport struggle to make ends meet.


To address this, we created the Broken Arrow Skyrace Elite Housing Program. The program pairs elite athletes with local families who have generously offered up space in their homes. While not required, it is our hope that families like yours are athletes who are passionate about our sport/event and the community surrounding it. Ideally these home-stays are a positive experience for you AND your guest, and bonds you more closely to the community ethos we have always sought to foster at Broken Arrow.


Each year we house over 50 elite runners through this program and we're excited to work more closely with the community to grow and improve it.


Please complete application below and we will do our absolute best to pair you with a visiting athlete.


We do not allow athletes to utilize this program for extended family, but oftentimes an athlete can come with a spouse/significant other. If this is the case we explicitly notify our you as the host. We also prohibit athletes participating in this program to bring their own animals, but if you feel strongly about hosting an athlete and their animal, you are welcome to convey that to the athlete directly after a relationship has been established.


Once an athlete has been assigned to a local host, we put you in contact so that everyone is on the same page. Again, thank you so much for your generous support of this program! 


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