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june 21-23, 2024

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Salomon Broken Arrow Skyrace

Salomon was founded in 1947 in the city of Annecy in the heart of the French Alps. François Salomon launched the company by producing skis edges in a small workshop, with only his wife and son to help. Today, they are the global leader in technical footwear. Salomon has been the title sponsor of the Broken Arrow Skyrace sicne 2016 and we will be forever grateful for their support.

Their passion for outdoor sports, new technologies and craftsmanship has driven Salomon to create progressive gear to enable you to freely enjoy and challenge yourself in the great outdoors. Don’t wait any longer. Now, it’s time to play.


Serving both small businesses and major resorts, the North Tahoe Community Alliance enhances the region's vibrancy by advocating for a sustainable year-round economy, building midweek and shoulder season visitation, supporting transportation and workforce housing solutions, sponsoring business education, and providing visitor information services. The North Lake Tahoe destination is focused on safe, responsible travel practices.

Palisades Tahoe Logo - Small Vertical CMYK.png

We are proud to call Palisades Tahoe the host mountain of the Broken Arrow Skyrace


UltraSignup is where the trail running community comes together. Founded in 2008, UltraSignup has grown into the leading marketplace and registration company, results database, and media outlet for trail and ultra races in the United States. Runners use to discover and choose from more than 5000 races. UltraSignup's weekly newsletter, bi-weekly podcast and online magazine feature stories from the running community, highlighting runners, race directors, training tips, running destinations, elite competitors, and the growth of the sport. Registration is one component of what UltraSignup does, but the company is more than a platform and more than just the miles you run, enabling community and connection through events, inspiration and multi-media storytelling.

gradient logo BLK letters.png

Alpenglow Sports is an original California Mountain Shop that has been providing locals and visitors with inspiration, local knowledge and the best equipment to enjoy the great outdoors since 1979. Based in Tahoe City (and owned by Broken Arrow founder Brendan Madigan), Alpenglow takes pride in being community, socially and environmentally responsible to ensure Lake Tahoe stays one of the best places to play, visit, and live in California.


EKI Lenhart GmbH was a spin off from the wood processing plant of Karl Lenhart created in Dettingen under Teck in 1948, which produced the wooden letters for lettering used by bakeries or butchers. LEKI's unique development started as a result of the founders' personal dissatisfaction: Karl Lenhart, an avid skier himself, was less than impressed by the quality and functionality of the ski poles of the time. Therefore, he used his own machine park to manufacture grips and baskets for skiing poles. These went into mass production in the 60s. On the other hand, Lenhart was familiar with aluminium and composite processing on account of his aircraft manufacturing experience. In 1970, he used these raw materials to produce his first ski poles to be sold under the LEKI brand, which stands for the owners and the company headquarters, i.e. Lenhart in Kirchheim.


LEKI is now known as the global leader in the ski, run and hike categories and has been the official pole of the Broken Arrow Skyrace since 2016.

Darn Tough Broken Arrow Skyrace

Darn Tough Vermont is family owned. For close to 40 years they’ve been knitting socks in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Darn Tough is three generations strong and know how to make socks. Crafting the world’s most comfortable, durable, and best fitting socks is an ardent skill passed down from father to son. This commitment, this passion, it’s in the blood.


Darn Tough Vermont is a family-owned, American manufacturer of end-use-specific socks. They design, manufacture, sell and promote the most comfortable, durable and best fitting socks available in the market today. This promise is backed up by their unconditional lifetime guarantee. If you can wear out their socks they will replace them free of charge.


Darn Tough Vermont has been the official sock of the Broken Arrow Skyrace since 2016.


Garmin makes products that are engineered on the inside for life on the outside. They do this so their customers can make the most of the time they spend pursuing their passions. With more than 18,000 associates in 34 countries around the world, Garmin brings GPS navigation and wearable technology to the automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and fitness markets. They think every day is an opportunity to innovate and a chance to beat yesterday.


Hydrapak has been designing and producing flexible performance hydration systems since 2001. Their mission is to relentlessly create better hydration solutions for performance-driven people.


Details Matter and Hydrapak spends thousands of hours considering every single one. Their reputation has been earned on dusty desert trails and frigid mountain peaks, and through partnerships with leading brands like Salomon and Osprey. They don't simply supply their brand partners, they collaborate with them during design and testing phases so their finished products perform beyond the sum of their parts. They innovate and then engineer their gear to be a reliable platform you can use to push beyond where you got before. Set a goal, achieve, and set another. At HydraPak, performance-driven defines who they are—and we know it defines you too.


In an effort to keep our trails liter-free, Hydrapak has generously donated a branded Broken Arrow Skyrace aid station cup for every runner in the event. 

Sidas USA Logo Black.png

Since 1975 SIDAS have been developing new and interesting ways to make feet more comfortable. They are all about finding and developing solutions for everyday foot problems - so whether you are practicing your favorite sport or simply going about your daily life, you can be confident that your feet are happy, healthy and well looked after. To achieve the best in comfort, Sidas offers a wide range of insoles, foot protection, boot liners, socks and accessories.

BOCO Gear Broken Arrow Skyrace

BOCO Gear designs and builds the best performance gear for endurance athletes.


Arcade was founded on the belief that belts could be designed to function better, last longer and be more comfortable. Developed from the ground up with materials that are built to go everywhere and anywhere, each Arcade belt provides a custom fit, sturdy hold and the right amount of flexibility to move with you.


It turns out, good beer can do a lot of good. Sierra Nevada shook things up in the ’80s, and it helped launch a beer revolution that’s in full force today. They keep pushing boundaries, whether that’s in the brewhouse, with sustainability, or in the great outdoors. At the finish line of every Broken Arrow Skyrace event, we will treat you to an ice cold Sierra.


Coffeebar is a radically-inclusive Italian café experience, no matter the time of day you stop by. Rooted in the traditional coffeebar culture of Italy, modernized by materials and resources from local producers and artisans, Coffeebar is driven by their staff, customers, and community.


Spring was founded in 2014 by Rafal Nazarewicz, PhD ( a sports nutrition scientist, ultra runner, and a health fanatic), and Adam Goleniewski (an entrepreneur, creative and a foodie) with a strong belief that sports nutrition can be made with natural ingredients.

Food is a powerful source of energy and nature does not need to be corrected in a laboratory. Spring took what is offered by nature and carefully crafted a line of healthy nutrition products for endurance athletes. They want to bring back the joy of training and racing without GI problems, sugar highs and dips and negative effects of low quality ingredients and chemicals. Driven by science, equipped with vast athletic experience and inspired by passion for a healthy lifestyle, Spring has designed a unique formula for a 100% natural product.

Spring propagates a culture of active and healthy lifestyle and provide those who choose this path with healthy nutrition choices. 

TW logo_black.png

Tailwind was started by endurance athletes in Durango, CO who have ridden Paris-Brest-Paris, RAAM qualifiers, Leadville 100s, and a host of other events. These riders tried everything on the market to deal with stomach distress, cramping, and that sickly off-taste from ingesting artificial ingredients and chemicals found in other drinks. Nothing worked.


So, they created our own drink, Tailwind. They started sharing it with anyone who wanted to give it a try and people liked it. REALLY liked it. We think that you'll like it too, so give it a try! All you need, all day. Really.

Kodiak Cakes_Logo_3-Color copy.png

Before the days of over-processed, nutrient-deprived wheat, people on the frontier relied on whole grains to help them take on each day. Kodiak Cakes stays true to this legacy by offering nourishing, great-tasting products that provide the hearty nutrients you need to explore your frontier—whatever that may be.


Bertus and his wife Alli started Belong Wine Co. to celebrate everything that they hold dear: love, adventure, and a sense of exploration. Since sharing a bottle of Domaine Tempier on their first date, they've dreamt of making Mourvèdre. They've explored numerous regions across California before finding gold in El Dorado County. Not only has Bertus run Broken Arrow he's shared his amazing product with our race team over several dinners. We can confirm his product is amazing and you absolutely must experience it. 


A good beer has a unique ability to bring friends and family together in a way that few other things can. It can also be a perfect ending to a good day, to a bad day, to a run, to a day on the mountain, or a day at the beach. There's no shortage of opportunities to crack open a beer in Northern California. Best Day Brewing has come to realize that runners don't always want beer to slow them down. Life is chockful of moments that deserve a great craft beer, but not the booze. 

With this in mind, Best Day started their pursuit of creating a great tasting genuine craft beer, that also happened to be non-alcoholic.  After years of iterations, development, and investment in state-of-the-art technology they've created a lineup of truly great non-alcoholic beers which they can hang their hat on. Their beer is brewed as a full-on craft beer using only the finest ingredients. Alcohol is then gently removed using state-of-the-art technology, maintaining all the subtle flavors and aromas.


Best Day beers are packed with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory polyphenols which help your body recover and support your immune system. They're also loaded with vitamins and minerals, and contain only a fraction of the calories (45 to 85) of regular beer.


WTHR exists to offer biobased performance skincare to protect and restore skin balance. We provide a simple routine that will get your skin clean, hydrated and protected. Our formulas feature microalgae oil, squalane, antioxidants and zinc to help protect and restore your skin.


Our name WTHR says it all. We know that our environments change quickly and that affects our skin. Microalgae is an incredibly adaptable microorganism that can take on many forms. We rely on microalgae to provide a better oil that is created from nature and enabled by biotech. It is a pristine oil that is not derived from a crop source. Our microalgae oil is emollient, contains fatty acid, and helps to protect the skin from moisture loss. This is what makes our formulas so unique.


Just as the adventurer seeks an unknown trail, a remote campsite, or a mountain that defies the imagination, at WTHR, we seek higher performing and more sustainable ways to protect and restore the most important piece of equipment: our bodies.


Our passion for adventure and discovery is paired with a passion for science and innovation. With the same drive and curiosity that you carry into the outdoors, we pursue better ways to protect and restore skin. Our products reflect that pursuit, demonstrating that performance skincare can come from great ingredients.


We believe in the power of human connection. From an early age our faces are essential in forming those connections, they’re also composed of sensitive skin cells that are constantly exposed to the elements.

WTHR’s core products are designed to offer effective skincare, to protect what’s most important to us and facilitate the experiences we value most.

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