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june 21-23, 2024

46K • 23K • 18k • 11K • VK • iron face






  • Friday, June 21, 2024

  • 9:30AM Start

  • 4.8km/3 miles

  • 914m/3,000' vertical gain

  • Flag color: Red

  • WMRA Gold Label Valsir World Cup: Vertical Uphill

  • Official ATRA Mountain, Ultra, Trail Running Youth Initiative Distance

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VK Overview 

The Broken Arrow Vertical Kilometer or "VK" is slated for Friday, June 21, 2024 at 10am. The price for the VK is $90.

The VK covers some of Palisade Tahoe’s most iconic terrain in a short, steep, and physically demanding sprint. From the valley floor, runners will ascend over 3,000 feet in a mere 3 miles to the summit of 9,000-foot Washeshu
 Peak. In true Skyrunner fashion, the course begins on steep terrain, ascends technical off-trail talus, and finishes on an exposed ridge line. The Headwall ridge is the most iconic portion of the race, complete with stunning views of Lake Tahoe, a bolted hand line, and the infamous "Stairway to Heaven" ladder to the top of Washeshu Peak.

The Vertical Kilometer course will contain steep slabs of rock, potential snow slopes, scree and exposure. This is not your average trail run...and is one you will remember forever! We also encourage hikers to join this party. You won't be disappointed by an absolutely stunning section of Palisades Tahoe's most extreme terrain.

Please note that you must be 14 years of age or older to run the VK. Runners under 14 must be approved by the race directors and have a parent accompany them.

Before registering for the VK, please know that this is a SERIOUS mountain race with a moderate degree of risk and extreme physical exertion. Of vital importance is to remember that you may also have to descend the mountain ON YOUR OWN TWO FEET. In scenarios of adverse weather and/or high winds, the traditional tram download from High Camp may not be available. This usually happens once every five years or so and if this does occur, you will be responsible for descending to the valley floor. We will have trail marshals at key junctions on the descent, and it will be very well marked, but please plan accordingly and only register if you can handle this.

Aid Stations

While there are no aid stations for the VK, we will have a basic finish line feed station, with supplies from Tailwind Nutrition and Spring Energy, at the top of Washeshu Peak. However, in big snow years, this is not possible and there might be NO support at the top of the peak or just downhill at our traditional Siberia aid station. In these years we will do our best to get supplies as high on the mountain as possible, but if this isn't possible, skeletal support will be available at High Camp, accessed by the tram. We encourage you to utilize our drop bag option (see specifics) and bring your own favorite recovery item as needed. Runners will then be treated to refreshments and cold adult beverages from our friends at Sierra Nevada in the vendor village.





Trekking poles are allowed and encouraged, although they must be carried the entire length of the route. Headphones are allowed as well but are HIGHLY discouraged due to the extreme nature of the course.
Traction devices such as MicroSpikes are allowed and race organizers will have hand lines installed where needed due to snow patches and/or steep talus. Please come prepared for a serious run in a mountainous environment and bring your desired personal needs in order to stay comfortable. We are strongly encouraging each runner to carry at least 12oz. of water.


Drop Bags

The weather at 9,000-feet on the Sierra Crest can be markedly different from the start line on the valley floor. As such, we offer to have your drop bag ready at the top of Siberia (NOT the top of Washeshu Peak) OR the highest point that we can drive to in big snow years. We recommend you stuff your drop bag with a warm hat, light puffy, gloves and any other items that will make you comfortable. We encourage you to bring warm clothes so you can stay on the summit and cheer finishers!

Drop bags MUST be left in the drop bag receptacle zone on the mountain-side of the Funitel by no later than 9:30am on Friday, June 17th. Please include your last name and bib number in large, discernible letters. If you register on the day of the event you cannot utilize this offer. 

VK drop bags can be no larger than 1'x1'x1' or they will not be brought to the summit. We have to potentially  transport over 500 drop bags to the summit and invariably snow on the highest parts of the mountain can be a major complication in this regard. If you bring a bag larger than our mandated size, it will not be transported. 

Drug Testing


 All athletes who participate in any Broken Arrow Skyrace distance are subject to drug testing performed by the USADA (or comparable body) in accordance with the USADA Protocol for Olympic and Paralympic Movement Testing. U.S. Anti-Doping Agency.  The VK and 23k, as part of the World Mountain Running Association World Cup, are held under the International Technical Rules of World Athletics. 

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Vertical Kilometer
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