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june 21-23, 2024

46K • 23K • 18k • 11K • VK • iron face





The Broken Arrow Skyrace was created in the vein of iconic European trail and ultrarunning classics. If you've ever been to UTMB or Sierra Zinal, you know these events are characterized by a down home feel with LOTS of things for participants to do outside of their actual event. We are no different, and in addition to the actual racing, you'll find a vibrant vendor village that showcases the latest and greatest technologies and products in the trail running world. In addition to our sponsors, you'll find general exhibitors within our vendor village.


2024 EXHIBITOR >   Rest Day was inspired by two women trying to fit their training regimes into their daily lives. While Megan was training for her first marathon, she felt there had to be a better way to do recover than to be perpetually feeling sore. Calling Ali from the floor of her bedroom, Megan asked Ali if they could research what was available to help her recover. They got their heads together, and the ball was rolling. Rest Day was born. 


Rest Day was established to ease training fatigue, aches and pains, and increase the feeling of muscle recovery. They develop their products through rigorous testing and development cycles.  


Their goal is to improve people's lives with the power of CBD, and they are just getting started. Their plan is to create an approachable community of athletes leveraging CBD to train better, harder, and with more frequency to accomplish their goals.

Alta HPS Logo.jpg



2024 EXHIBITOR >   Alta Health and Performance Solutions welcomes and applauds you for challenging yourself along the high altitude technical trails of one of America’s premier mountain trail running endurance events. We are a science-based physiologic performance testing and endurance coaching business backed by experience and a well-rounded multidisciplinary knowledge base, specializing in trail running and ultramarathons.

While priming yourself for the challenging mountain trails of the Broken Arrow Skyrace or preparing for a 100 mile ultramarathon let the professionals at Alta HPS use their knowledge and experience to confidently guide you, whether with performance testing or data-driven training plans, or a combination of both to help you realize your potential.


2024 EXHIBITOR >   Flower-covered high pastures. Centuries old herders huts. The distant cacophony of cow bells. Hut caretakers with mugs of fresh café au lait. And, all around, rugged peaks piercing Europe’s rooftop. Whether a one-hour jaunt to a local hut or an all-day adventure over ridges, peaks and pastures, Run the Alps offers organized and self-guided tours through some of the most dramatic scenery anywhere on earth.

It’s hard to write about the Alps without sounding like a string of guidebook clichés. The thing is…it’s all true. Trail running in the Alps is pretty hard to beat. Our goal? Find the absolute best trail running experiences in the Swiss, French, and Italian Alps. Away from the crowds, in high Alp villages, we’ll seek out those runs that are a bit quieter, a bit wilder, and bring together the very best the Alps have to offer.

Trail running is as much about camaraderie as it is personal challenge. Run the Alps looks forward to helping you plan your adventure, and hope to see you on the trail! 


Scott Rokis has photographed the Broken Arrow Skyrace since its inception in 2016. He is also responsible for our livestream production and entire media team. Over the years Scott has transitioned from third-party help to a close friend, collaborator and partner. 

Breadth. Growth. Lived Experience. Having traveled 35 countries and nearly every state, Scott's pursuit to observe, capture and communicate stories remains perennial. Scott is currently based West of the Mississippi in his self converted sprinter-van, aptly named Patience. It's changed his life, maybe his story will impact yours too.


Scott grew up in Colona, IL, a land who's vertical variation is measured in a singular contour line. Always striving, Scott graduated from the University of Illinois with honors while earning the rare collegiate recognition of President of the Year. Scott's loyalty kept him with General Electric for 13 years as he grew his expertise in Business Intelligence; eventually leading a global team responsible for analytic insights across 27 systems and $4 billion in revenue. 


So... Photography?


Living a parallel life, Scott traveled, camera in hand, through 22 countries and quietly dreamt of a life as a professional photographer. In 2016, he walked away from the office, the house, the utilities, and moved into 72 sq ft of living space...dedicating his life to the pursuit of photography.


We are a company steeped in athletic and rugged outdoor travel. Our passion for adventure is equally matched by our focus to create uniquely designed bags with the function and simplicity necessary to take on anything, while keeping your gear safe and ultra organized.

By personally working with a certified fair wage factory, we honor the work and trade of every individual who has a hand in crafting our bags. As stewards to the environment, we ensure that any wasteful byproducts in our production, such as excessive packaging and material are eliminated. With the growth of Victory Sportdesign, we strive to maximize our sustainability in order to give back to the natural fabric we are all cut from.


Martin's coaching philosophy is driven by empowering athletes to become the best versions of themselves and continually chasing improvements. He turned his passion of coaching 1-on-1 into a full-time business in 2021, and has loved the process. His business allows him to deliver world-class coaching to all his clients no matter their starting point. He continues to educate himself and maintain strong connections throughout the coaching and sporting world. He is a student of coaching and physiology and cannot wait to share that passion with you! He has coached athletes at every level of sport, from Olympians and Paralympians (including World Cup and Paralympic medalists) to kids learning a sport for the first time. What drives him is seeing progress and people getting outside to live healthier and more active lifestyles. Martin is based in Truckee, California, but on the virtual platform he can support athletes around the world. Reach out today to find out if Martin is a good fit for you and your goals. 


2024 EXHIBITOR >   ‍Mindful Mixtures is a lifestyle brand that strives to provide people with safe and effective products that are also sustainable for the environment. The company’s goal is to Bring Nature Back to Health, creating global awareness on the power of plants and on the importance of caring for what goes in to your body. As athletes themselves, they wanted to create a product that not only improved one's performance, but was a vital part of a health conscious athlete's recovery, which is how Charley was born!


2024 EXHIBITOR >   Renegade Running was built on the dream of a diverse running community that reflects the revolutionary spirit of Oakland, our hometown. We have created space for runners of all backgrounds and abilities and do our best to ensure everyone feels welcomed and supported.

As we grow, we are learning that while running is one common thread we all share, our power lies in the admiration and acknowledgment of who we are outside of running.

You, our community, are change-makers, parents, educators, healers. You are leading and grinding with hope in your own communities, your professional fields, your campuses, hospitals, and families. You… are renegades.

A renegade is motivated first and foremost by love and the belief that change is both needed and possible. And this motivation goes far beyond running. It is also the energy that pushes us to reflect on how we can make our tent bigger, make our connections deeper, and make our work more impactful.

For our next chapter, we will drop the word Running from our name as we work toward building bridges and making spaces for people that may not see themselves as runners. So, if you walk, cycle, hike, meditate, practice yoga, organize, teach, make art, or care for other people’s children, then you are a renegade and you belong here.

Running will always be at the foundation of what we do. And, we are poised to do so much more in the sport and in our communities, together.

Believe in The Run blk horz.png

2024 EXHIBITOR >   Started by Thomas Neuberger in 2009, the initial purpose of Believe in the Run was to raise money for charity as he trained for the five-day TransRockies Run in Colorado. Eventually, it turned towards shoe and gear reviews, and we are now the top running review site online, serving millions of runners a year through a diverse array of channels, including YouTubeInstagram, and The Drop and Fuel For The Sole running podcasts.


2024 EXHIBITOR >   The Unimog food truck that serves tasty rotisserie.

LOGO - WEB - Little Truckee Ice Creamery_Logo for web.jpg

2024 EXHIBITOR >   Finally, quality ice cream in Truckee! Not just great ice cream, but super premium all natural ice cream made right here at our quaint scoop shop near the west end of Donner Lake. We even make our own inclusions such as caramel, brownies, cookies, pralines and chocolate chips and more.  Non-Dairy Options as well! Organic Coconut Milk Based flavors and Organic fruit Sorbets offered every day.


Vallejo Run Club (VRC) was founded in September 2022 by Vallejo-born and raised Marcellus Brown. Easily identified on the streets of Vallejo by his neon shoes and signature VRC shirts and hats, Marcellus built VRC on a simple motto: "No runner left behind."

What started as a small group of OG Vallejo runners (and walkers) has grown into a diverse thriving community of over 70 members and counting. 

At Vallejo Run Club, we're not just about running; we're about community, support, and shared victories. Whether you're a seasoned marathoner or taking your first steps in the running world, Vallejo Run Club is a home for you.

GuapoBoys_Skull Logo_Color.png

Guapo Boys Trail Club’s official start was in 2019 but the core idea, longer miles on dirt usually followed by a crispy beverage of choice, was in motion years prior.  Despite the often dirty exterior, the Guapo Boys have a soft spot for community.  They have supported a vast array of non-profits over the years, include but not limited to:  Angel City Pit Bulls, Run Across Haiti, Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, Alleviate Skid Row, and Community Cookouts. Over the next few months, you can catch them at Broken Arrow Skyrace, Western States, and Angeles Crest.  

Shoes+for+Runners+Logo Black back.png

2024 EXHBITOR> Shoes for Runners, founded in 2012 by Noe Castañón, is dedicated to providing opportunities for young athletes to live a better life. Our donations are given to less privileged athletes all around the world. We strive to create a better world, and we thank all of you for helping us to achieve that. 

Shoes For Runners is doing so great that now, thanks to the support of a few friends we have rented a home where we house a select group of talented kids, low-income athletes who can run a 30-minute 10k, sub 1:10 half marathon and sub 2:30 marathon distance, and coach them to be competitive, providing them the necessary gear, the food and coaching to achieve!

Shoes for runners will be accepting donations during race weekend. Come by the tent to drop off your used running gear. Your support makes a difference!

Sonoma Valley Runners _ logo_block.jpg

Sonoma Valley Runners is more than just a run club; it's a supportive community that embraces diversity and inclusivity. Founded by Danny Contreras, our club brings together individuals of all ages and backgrounds who share a passion for running. Whether it's pounding the pavement or conquering new trails, we're united by our love for the sport and our commitment to supporting one another.


Neversecond is the first performance nutrition brand that empowers athletes to plan, practice and perfect their performance fueling. Most fueling products are developed one-at-a-time by brand marketers - not by scientists. All Neversecond C-Series products are developed as a system of products which all use the same carbohydrate composition and which are all formulated using 30-gram increments of carbohydrate. This allows athletes to mix and match products and to more easily test and perfect their performance nutrition. With this blue print for success, we are able to effectively guide athletes with a precise fueling and hydration plan for their training and racing.

monster of massage logo FRONT LOGO.png

The Monsters of Massage offer a unique technique with result-orientated extreme deep tissue sports massage. This technique, which enthusiastically embraces the “no-pain-no-gain” philosophy, has to be experienced to truly be appreciated (LOL). We refer to ourselves as Sports and Therapeutic Orientated.

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